Hooked Saimaa offers incredible experiences in naturally beautiful Lake Saimaa.

The nature of Lake Saimaa is a unique combination of delicate and barren, wild and rich – and above all: clean and quiet. The quality of water in Lake Saimaa is excellent and the nature is clean and appealing.

I am Eemeli Oksiala, the founder and the entrepreneur of Hooked Saimaa and as well a trained fishing guide. Nature and fishing have always been my passion and the beautiful Lake Saimaa is the privilege for my customers. I consider Saimaa region as my home and I know it just like my own pockets. My mission is to bring the magnificent experiences reachable for everyone. I have also a background in working with young people – Lake Saimaa is a wonderful place for youngsters who desire for experiences in nature and calming down once in a while, as well.  

Hooked Saimaa provides wonderful experiences in every season of the year – and for everyone. Lake Saimaa is well-known for its clean and clear water, breathtaking landscapes and diverse nature.

Our equipment are top quality. Our boat is a French Jeanneau Merry Fisher Marlin 755 and additionally to the guide it fits even seven persons. The boat is well equipped with modern technology and we have in use a fully professional fishing equipment. Besides trolling it is possible to perform traditional fishing (throwing fishing) and drift fishing (jigging) from the boat. There is also a heated cabin and a chemical toilet in the boat.

For sleeping in the wilds, we use Tentsile –tree tents, which is a new and an exciting way to stay over for a night in nature. Tentsile –tree tents do not harm the vulnerable nature as they are tied in to trees without leaving traces on the ground. Sleeping in nature is an exotic and not experienced event for many. It is definitely worth a try!

Lake Saimaa is the biggest lake in Finland and fourth biggest freshwater lake in Europe. Lake Saimaa is also the home of endangered Saimaa ringed seal. There are plenty of fish and different fish species in Lake Saimaa. You can catch for example Perch, Pike, Lake brown trout, Lake salmon, Pike-Perch, different kinds of Roaches or Grayling and you can even find the most endangered fish called Arctic char in Lake Saimaa.

We respect nature and we always take care of the environmental aspects in everything we do. We want to save Lake Saimaa as clean and for the future generations as well!

You are warmly welcome to be our guests!

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