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Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

If you do not find the information you need, please contact us by e-mail or by calling 044 972 5746. We are in the habit of resolving matters, so we will be happy to help!

Are fishing permits included in the package?

Only in all-inclusive packages. The fish management fee must be obtained either by us or we will take care of it for you.

What kind of boat is in use?

We use the French Jeanneau Merry Fisher Marlin 755 and two Finnish Alutroll 410 Snapper aluminum boats. More information about boats can be found on our website boats and equipment.

What is the appropriate dress and equipment for excursions?

Proper dress is always in place. From us you can get warm floating suits and boots and rain gear if necessary. It is always better to book a little too much than too little clothing, so the trip is most comfortable. The humidity and wind conditions on the water are different from on land and the duration of the excursions can be long, so equip according to it.

The boat also has a warm cabin. The boat is well-suited for voyages made even in harsh windy weather and, if necessary, will go fishing in a more sheltered area.

How early should you book your excursion?

Sometimes the trip can be successful even for the same day - you should at least ask - but it would be desirable to make a reservation at least a week or two in advance. The earlier you book, the better we can make sure you get exactly the day you want.

Do we also receive the service in a language other than Finnish?

We also speak English. An interpreter in other languages ​​can also be ordered separately for the trip, please contact us in time if there is a need for an interpreter.

Which form of fishing is more suitable for less fishing and which for more experienced groups?

Trolling and jigsawing are suitable for everyone, regardless of experience.

More challenging lake salmon and trout trolling is more suitable for more experienced and long-term fishermen.

What is jigaus?

Jigaus is a form of cast fishing that uses silicone rubber lures. The jig is attached to a heavy jig head and thrown to the bottom of the water. The jig is wound and “bounced” along the bottom, which irritates the fish to catch. The main prey fish are pike, perch and pike. Jigaus is active fishing in which the fisherman himself is involved in fishing all the time.

Jigaus is learned by anyone and does not require previous fishing experience.

What is trolling?

In trolling, several lures are pulled simultaneously behind the boat. The most commonly used for trolling are wooden wobblers, metal spoons, and wild fish sparrows. During trolling, you can enjoy the picnic snacks and admire the beautiful nature while the gear is catching.

The prey fish are mainly pike, perch, pike, lake salmon and trout.

Does the trip have a catch guarantee?

No, but you are rarely left without a prey. However, there will also be no-catch days for even the most experienced fishermen.

What is done for prey?

Efforts are being made to release large and small individuals for the sake of fish conservation (small fish are allowed to continue to grow and large ones effectively continue to breed). From medium-sized fish, we can choose suitable ones to eat for nature.

The guide takes care of the fish to be taken home.

Do we eat self-caught fish on the excursions?

Yes! On fishing trips you can take food fish for an island lunch. In the Saimaa magic packages, eating fish is one of the essential and experiential experiences.

Please let us know in advance if there is someone in your party who does not eat fish - we will reserve something else for him.

Can I drink alcohol during the day?

Yes you can, but heavy use is not recommended. We will suspend the trip if excessive alcohol consumption endangers safety.

What are your order and cancellation conditions?

You can see our order and cancellation conditions here .

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