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We have listed here frequently asked questions and answers. If you cannot find an answer or information you need, please, contact us via e-mail or give us a call +358 44 972 5746. We think that our customers’ problems are also our problems, so we will help in way we can! We want to solve every problem, so do not hesitate to contact us!

Are the fishing licenses included in the package?

Yes! Fishing licenses are included in all of our ready-made packages.

What kind of boat do you have in use?

Our boat is a French Jeanneau Merry Fisher Marlin 755 fibre-reinforced plastic boat. The length of the craft is 7,5 meters and has a 200 hp Mercury –motor. Additionally to the guide the boat fits even seven persons. The boat is inspected, has all the acquired safety equipment and includes also a heated cabin and a chemical toilet.

What is a proper clothing and equipment for the excursions?

Our recommendation is to cloth according to the weather. We provide warm floatation suits, caps, gloves and if necessary, rain clothes, as well.  It is always a better choice to reserve more clothes than too less on the excursions. On the waters, humidity and wind circumstances are also different than on the landside and the length of the excursion may be long: that should always be taken in to account. There is also a heated cabin on the boat. This boat suits very well for the challenging windy weathers, but of course, if necessary, we can always go fishing on a more tranquil area.  

How much earlier should be the excursions booked?

Sometimes it can be possible to arrange an excursion even for the very same day – at least you can always ask – but it is recommended to book an excursion or an event at least one or two weeks earlier. The earlier the booking is done, the better we can secure the desired excursion dates.

Will we get service also in other languages than Finnish?

We speak also English. There is also a chance to order separately an interpreter for an excursion. Just let us know early enough, if you need this service.

What kind of fishing method fits for the beginners and
what for the more experienced group?

Trolling and drift fishing (jigging) are suitable for everyone not depending of experience. Trolling a Lake salmon or Lake brown trout may be more appropriate for experienced and patient fishers.

What is drift fishing (jigging)?

Drift fishing is a (traditional) method of fishing, where is used silicon-made lures, jigs. A jig is installed in to a jig plug and then thrown into the bottom of water. A jig is then reeled and “bounced” as a bait along the bottom to trick the fish to catch it. Catches are mainly Pike-perch, but also Perch and Pike. Drift fishing is an active fishing method where the fisher is actively participating all the time. It is easy for everyone to learn drift fishing and it does not require an earlier fishing experience.

What is trolling?

Trolling is a fishing method, where several lures are dragged in the end of the boat at the same time. Mostly, when trolling, there are used wooden plugs, metal spoons and original fish traps/hooks. Along with trolling you can enjoy the picnic lunch and admire the beautiful nature view as the traps are doing their job.

The catches are mainly Pike-perch, Perch, Pike, Lake salmon and Lake brown trout

Is there a guarantee for catches?

No, but it is very rare to be left without any catch. Leaving without a catch, of course, happens sometimes even for the professionals!

What happens to the fish that are caught?

Very big and small individuals are returned to nature in the name of protection of the fish (the small ones will continue growing and the big ones are effective on continuing reproducing).

Do we eat the fish we have caught on the excursions?

Yes! We can take fish on our fishing excursions. On Saimaa magic –package fish eating is an essential experience.

 Please let us know beforehand, if someone in your group does not eat fish.

Is it allowed to drink alcohol during the excursions?

Yes it is, but definitely not preferred in big amounts.

What are your terms of booking and cancellation?

Our terms of booking and cancellation can be seen here.

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