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Terms of booking and cancellation

These terms of booking and cancellation concern Hooked Saimaa’s (later COMPANY) fishing services, program services, food services and all the other possible services that provided by Hooked Saimaa. All the terms can be also agreed between seller and the customer.

Booking an event and confirming the number of participants

When customer has confirmed booking of an event, booking is binding both customer and seller. An event can be confirmed in written on paper or via e-mail. Booking of an event is also binding when customer has paid a booking fee or the whole payment. Customer has to confirm the number of participants latest 7 working days before the event, unless other is agreed. Provided information is the basis for the minimum payment.

Booking fee

Booking fee is charged from private persons and foreign-based companies. Finnish companies will be charged after the event, unless other is agreed. The booking fee is 50 % of the final payment at the time of booking and 50 % latest 30 days before the beginning of the event, unless other is agreed. If there are under 30 days left from the booking to the event, the whole payment will be charged at the booking time.

Terms of cancellation

If customer cancels the event:

  • If booking fee is already paid, cancellation fee is 100 € VAT 0% (110€ incl. VAT 10%)

  • Cancellation 30–14 days before the event: 150 € VAT 0% (165 € incl. VAT 10%)

  • Cancellation 13–7 days before the event: 50 % of total price

  • Cancellation 6–0 days before the event: 100 % of total price

  • On bookings at the time of Midsummer, Christmas and New Year’s eve we use a raised fee concerning cancellations:

    • Cancellation latest 45 days before the event: 220 € incl. VAT 10 %

    • Cancellation 44-0 days before the event: 100 % of total price


If seller cancels the event:

If cancellation is depending on other reasons than sellers force majeure (overwhelming obstacle), seller returns booking fee in 100 %. Force majeure -reasons are (for example): natural catastrophes, war, actions of authorities or general strike. Force majeure is not only limited on these, but can be for example breaking of equipment or others overwhelming obstacles.



If customer pays for the event with a credit card (instead of invoice), we will charge for 4% service fee. From credit cards, we accept as payment card Visa and Mastercard. Other ways for paying are invoice (for Finnish companies) or paying in advance (for private persons and foreign companies).


The beginning of an event

An event starts at agreed time, the time before is reserved for the preparation of the event. Being late on an event affects the length of the event and makes it shorter. About other changes and arrangement should be agreed beforehand and seller should be immediately informed about any changes. Take a look form above in our terms of cancellation.


Extra hours

It is possible to extend the length of an event after agreed timetable if there are no reservations made for the event area and there are no following events coming immediately and there will be enough time to do the necessary maintenance works (if needed). Extra hours will be charged separately by mutual agreement.



On the event area and during the event seller or an authorized partner of a seller is responsible for all the serving. Serving should be ordered 5 days before the time of event. The number of participants is confirmed latest 7 working days before the event and provided information is the basis for the minimum payment. If customer wants to take care of the serving by itself, it can be agreed separately with the seller. It is also allowed for the customer to bring own alcoholic drinks.


Program services

All the same terms of booking and cancellation are included in our program services, as mentioned in earlier points. Program services are implemented as agreed and taking into account all circumstances. Seller has the right to change the program for a reason beyond his control/in force majeure situation, when a compensatory program will be organized or cancelled part will be compensated to the customer.


Additional services

All the same terms of booking and cancellation are included in our additional services, as well.


More information

When you have any questions concerning our terms of booking and cancellation, please, contact us via e-mail or give us a call +358 44 972 5746. We try to solve possible problems in good spirit!

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